Axa Tower For Sale

Axa Tower Office Space For Sale

In the heart of Singapore’s central business district (also known as the CBD) sits Axa Tower: a highly sought after and unique tower that scrapes the sky. Sitting high in the sky, topping out at 50-floor levels, this grand building has appeal for any businessman or businesswoman in Singapore. Whether you are fresh out of business school and need an office for sale in Singapore, or you are looking to replace your current company headquarters, there is no doubt that Axa Tower is the building you’ve been waiting for. Join us as we go in-depth and tell you all about what makes Axa Tower the right fit for you.


Big or Small, Axa Fits All

First, it is important to note that Axa not only has leased space from current owners but actually sells office spaces to you. In Singapore, this is nearly unheard of. Most often, you must rent a space with a lease contract, leaving you to the whims of the market and the owner of that specific space. With Axa Tower, you can actually purchase space to use as you wish.


Do you think that the fabulous Axa Tower cannot accommodate your startup business? Think again! Offices start at a quaint 750 square feet. Do you think that Axa Tower cannot accommodate your large corporate company? Think again! Not only can you purchase an office, but you can purchase an entire floor, up to 25,000 square feet. In addition, due to the way the building was designed, there is an absence of objects that will impede your interior design and office space arrangements. Want an open floor plan? You can do that. Want closed off cubicles? You can do that too.


Axa Tower is not just for offices, but in fact has ground level retail space for those who are looking to sell their goods. This includes both retail shopping and dining space. These retail and dining areas are complete with exterior glass windows to capture the attention of all passersby. The fact that there are so many floors above the retail and dining ground floor filled with office workers gives occupants a chance each day to sell their goods and services to the vast amount of people who are guaranteed to be there.


Rare Opportunity

It is important to stress what a unique opportunity the Axa Tower is. From its former occupants to its spectacular views, you cannot find another building in Singapore’s central business district quite like it.


The tower has a history of influential occupants, including the Prime Minister and other governmental figures. Simply by obtaining an office space within, you are likely to make contacts with important people. This is an immense value that cannot be overlooked.


Possibly the most pleasing aspect of working in the Axa Tower is the view. There are unobstructed panoramic views of both the sea and the city of Singapore – something that is quite rare in the dense and congested CBD.


Above, we mentioned that you are able to purchase, rather than simply lease, space in the building. Not only is this in itself rare but along with factors like the majestic views and influential occupants, the tower is also a great investment opportunity.


A Class Of Its Own

As you now know, the Axa Tower is in a business building in a class of its own: the views; the occupants; the ability to purchase; the investment opportunity. The Axa Tower is for sale and your chance to take advantage of the offer is now!

Project  Info

  • Sizes from 750 to 14,000 sqft
  • Full floor plates available
  • Rare unblocked inspiring sea views in CBD. These views are a must see! No regrets!
  • 50 Storeys High
  • Column free layout
  • 65 years lease balance
  • Price from $2550 psf onwards

Column free floor plan

Call us now to arrange a viewing! The views are so awesome that if you are unsatisfied with what you saw, I’ll personally buy you a coffee on the way down!

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